The Return of a Classic

For 560 minutes in 2015, New Zealanders remained eerily calm… With a white can in hand and Richie leading the lads, we believed. Steinlager Classic’s triumphant return of the white can was a massive PR success. Launched by the pr shop in early 2015, the campaign kicked off with a single white can being sent to key influencers, lifestyle, trade and regional media. Like the All Blacks on the field, the results spoke for themselves with widespread, social, lifestyle and beer writer reviews. The campaign reminded people there’s a reason why Steinlager Classic once won the world’s best beer award – it’s bloody good! The jewel in the coverage crown was Michael Donaldson’s glowing beer review of Steinlager Classic, featured in The Press, Dominion Post and Waikato Times. Like the All Blacks, Steinlager Classic seems to get better with age.